Study MBBS In Europe


MBBS In Europe

Medical study Guide is an opportunity for most prospective students who are looking admission to the best, affordable medical universities in English in Europe. Best or top universities can be classified also based on political criteria. So medical students must be interested not only by the cheapest good universities in Europe, but they must take in account also the recognition of the qualification around the world. For instance, a student from UK can be interested who would like to work as Doctor in his country, will get into UK medical system easily with the qualification from EU/EEA than from other European countries.

Ukraine, Georigia, Romania and Bulgaria are the cheapest countries with best universities in english and good qualification recognised in Europe and beyond.

    For Indian Student Elligibility -

    1) Student who Pass 12th Exam with PCB 60% marks need

Why Study in Europe?

  •    No Donation Affordable fee

  •    High quality education, safe and conducive environment

  •    WHO MCI CHED ECFMG Recognized

  •    Successful completion of high school

  •    Average grade point of high school living diploma or equivalent

  •    Extracurricular activities - especially those reflecting public or health-related service: volunteer work, internship, job and other evidence of initiative

  •    Performance in entrance exam in chemistry and biology, Numerus clausus (closed number)

  •    Interviews with medical school admissions committees .

  •    English test (for those from non English speaking country and without an international English recognised certificate)